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Classic Glaze II

  • Brand: K-WAX
  • Product Code: Classic Glaze II
  • Availability: Pre-Order


Product specifications

Capacity: 200G / 7oz

Storage life: 3 years 

Solid content: 30%

Ingredients: environmentally friendly solvent, natural palm wax, beeswax, additives, flavors, dyes

Product description

This is a basic solid palm wax that can last for about 4-6 weeks

It does not contain grinding particles and can be used regardless of the color of the car.

Can be used for 40 vehicles.

It can effectively fill the gold oil layer and prevent the erosion of acid rain and guano manure.

Way of use

Apply directly to the paint surface with a sponge.

After standing for 3-5 minutes, you can wipe the whole car with a soft cloth.

Wait further 10-15 minutes to allow the paint surface completely absorbed and cured.


Avoid storing this product at high temperatures and direct exposure to sun light.