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Plastic Restorer

  • Brand: K-WAX
  • Product Code: Plastic Restorer
  • Availability: In Stock


Product specifications

Capacity: 350ml / 11.8 fl oz.

Packing: PET can, turret cover, carton packaging

Product description

Professional coatings are ten times waterproof protective film, and the amount of ductility is extremely low.

It can leave high brightness luster on PU rubber, plastic and vinyl materials, for automotive interiors, leather seats and body strips,

The engine room can produce a waterproof film that keeps the gloss for more than 30 days.

It can be used with leather milk more thoroughly. It should be cleaned and dried when using it. Use a sponge to apply it evenly.

Bright and oil-free, durable waterproof is the product's characteristics.

Way of use

Clean the construction surface first, and use a sponge to take a small amount of the agent to spread it.

Wait evenly for 30 seconds, then wipe off the excess with a microfiber cloth.

❖All series of products have passed SGS inspection

❖Compliant with EU “REACH” and “RoHS”

❖All series of products have MSDS material safety data sheet