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ALL IN ONE Carnauba Wax

  • Brand: K-WAX
  • Product Code: ALL IN ONE Carnauba Wax
  • Availability: In Stock


Product description:

Made from 7 kinds of natural palm raw materials, the industry's highest specification grade, all-round palm wax is resistant to UV, dust is not easy to adhere, and the wax film is extremely thick.

It has the characteristics of extreme grossy, extreme brightness and limit water splashing. The special composition will change the wax type due to weather conditions.

Natural palm purity is about 85%. Excellent ductility is extremely low. It is good to wax and collect wax, which subverts your perception of car wax.

❖All series of products have passed SGS inspection

❖Compliant with EU “REACH” and “RoHS”

❖All series of products have MSDS material safety data sheet